Global rebranding
Jennifer Barlow
PR Manager
Apr 24, 2023

We have completed a global rebranding of the Inomax platform.
Three new promising strategies are available for investors: algorithmic trading, asset management, high risk trading.

Algorithmic trading. In this strategy, transactions are conducted by a specialized trading robot. The robot automatically finds the most profitable offers by analyzing dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges simultaneously. Deals are made in a fraction of a second, the robot is not subject to emotions and makes no mistakes.
Profits are accrued daily, deposits are refunded on request at any time.

Asset management. In the asset management strategy, professional traders manage investors' funds. Inomax traders have a long history of success on leading exchanges and trading floors. Experience, in-depth knowledge of trading and the cryptocurrency market guarantees high profits.
Investors are offered daily profit accrual, the deposit is refunded at the end of the term.

High risk trading. This is the well-established name for an investment area. ‘High risk’ does not mean the possibility of losing investor funds. In this strategy, Inomax specialists organize investments in promising cryptocurrency projects at an early stage and, accordingly, generate super-high returns if the project is accurately evaluated.
Profits in the strategy accrue at the end of the deposit period, the deposit itself is not refundable.

If we evaluate investment strategies in terms of profitability, High risk trading is the most profitable, Asset management demonstrates an average level of profit, and Algorithmic trading is at the end of the list.

A fully functional exchange platform is now available on the Inomax platform. You can trade cryptocurrencies. It is now available to sell and buy BTC. Cryptocurrency pairs will be added gradually.

We have updated the terms of the Affiliate Program and made them more attractive.

Partners now receive remuneration for investor deposits and from trading on the crypto exchange.

Algorithmic trading. During the whole period of an active deposit of the partner: the profit is accrued daily, the structure increases by 3% of the deposit per day.

Asset management and High risk trading. Profit is credited immediately after activation of the partner's deposit and the structure is increased by 100% of the deposit volume.

The updated Inomax platform has become an even more efficient tool for your cryptocurrency business.

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We have completed a global rebranding of the Inomax platform.
Jennifer Barlow
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